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Machinery Capability Statement

Multinail Machinery has been manufacturing specialised timber roof truss, wall frame and floor truss fabrication equipment since 1990.

Our world-class equipment range includes; large hydraulic presses, multi-axis computer controlled saws, as well as a range of automatic, semi-automatic and manual truss jigging and pressing systems that use a variety of hydraulic, electrical, pneumatic and computerised technologies.

Complementing this range is various industrial materials handling and refuse removal systems, including large scale ejection units and roller-feed material conveyors.

The core of Multinail Machinery’s continued success is our ability to quickly adapt new electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic and computerised technologies to a range of robust and well-developed, fabrication equipment.

In addition to our standard range of machinery, we are also able to offer customised solutions to suit your company’s individual needs and requirements. At Multinail Machinery we listen to (and work in partnership with) our valued customer base.

Multinail Machinery is located in a large and well-equipped, 3000m2 factory. The open plan factory is serviced by 2 large overhead cranes, a large grit-blast and painting booth that has excellent forklift access and also incorporates a well-equipped machine shop as well as a number of remote service access points offering greater manufacturing flexibility and efficiency.