Multinail Machinery's range of saws are renowned for ease of use, training and reliability

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mac saw overview

Table Presses

Multinail Machinery has a table press for any need and requirement from small low pitch roof trusses through to being your main standard truss production press

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mini12 overview

Roller Presses

Completely expandable and configurable - click here to see why the Multinail Machinery Roller Press range is a world leader in high volume truss production

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hirollerpreset overview


Multinail Machinery's range of small, highly productive presses have an option and configuration to compliment any need your factory has

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pacepress overview


Suitable for all levels of truss production. Multinail Machinery has an option and a configuration to suit any truss factory and production level

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fastsetjig overview


With the rapid increase in wall framing with second story construction becoming more the norm, the Multainil Machinery range of wall framing machines is second to none

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fastframer overview

Materials Handling

One of the most important parts of your truss plant - managing materials flow and individual members for processing

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live deck overview

Component Trolleys

Another vital part of your truss plant getting these raw materials and finished products to and from your production area can never be underestimated

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triangle truss trolley overview

Spida Machinery

SPIDA saws are known for their reliability and accuracy. That’s because we have been designing and building high-tech, computerised machinery for the frame and truss industry for more than 20 years.

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spida overview


MangoTech is an Australian company with a focus on providing practical automation solutions for timber industry businesses throughout the world.

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mango overview